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The fascination that people have about how the Amish live their lives is understandable because it seems to be such a rebellious and alternative way of life that is hard for many people to understand. This is not lost on the typical Amish person either. They understand the strange fascination that outsiders seem to have with their chosen way of life and most are happy to discuss their beliefs and lifestyle. While some of their beliefs and activities may seem strange, such as their use of buggies rather than cars, desire to dress in dark and similar colors, and their refusal to use electricity, they are not so different that they don't have the same feelings, hopes, and dreams that other non-Amish people do. This is particularly true for young Amish girls who just want to grow up to live a happy and meaningful life. They feel joy and pain just like other young girls. They hope for a good, successful life that has meaning just like other girls. And they dream of getting married, making their own Amish quilt, having children, starting a career, and all the other things that young girls around the world dream of. What makes these young Amish girls different from non-Amish girls are the ways they are brought up and the things that they learn as children without the usual distractions that confront non-Amish girls.


Amish girls grow up much like most people used to grow up just a hundred years or so ago. They are raised on farms and learn to do chores and other tasks around the home in order to help the family get through their daily lives. Amish families have purposely separated themselves from the advancing modern society that surrounds them and refuse to depend on outside help in order to survive. Therefore, Amish communities must rely on themselves if they are going to succeed in the world. Because of this, Amish girls learn to do a variety of tasks that most modern non-Amish girls have long forgotten.


Cooking for the family is the responsibility of the women in the Amish family, so young Amish girls learn to prepare and cook the family meals from a very early age. While it's true that many non-Amish girls learn to cook for them families as well, Amish girls must do so without the use of electricity. This includes no electric stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, or microwaves. Every meal is prepared totally by hand and cooked over an open fire or through the use of a gas stove.


Not only do Amish girls have to learn how to prepare meals by hand without the use of electricity or other modern technologies, they also have to grow and harvest much of the food that is used for the family's meals. Amish women are usually in charge of feeding and tending to the family's livestock. As young Amish girls, their morning duties often include feeding the pigs, milking the cows, and collecting the eggs from the chickens for use in their daily meals. A modern city girl just needs to go to the local supermarket to pick up the milk, meat, vegetables, and eggs for weekly meals, if even that much.

What Amish Girls Learn That Non-Amish Girls Don't (part 2)

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