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Amish woman are also responsible for the family's garden. While the Amish men are out plowing the fields and tending to the farm to produce products that will be sold to the outside community at large, the Amish women grow many of the fruits and vegetables that are going to be consumed by the family. The typical Amish garden is quite large and usually contains cucumbers, celery, red beets, green beans, potatoes, broccoli, strawberries, apples, and any other local fruit that might grow in the area. Young Amish girls learn how to tend to these gardens by their mothers and are often taught how to can these goods for sale at the local markets.


In addition to the cooking, Amish girls learn how to sew at an early age because they are solely responsible for making the clothing that they and their future families will wear. The Amish do not generally go to stores to buy their clothing because they wear very specific colors and styles of dress. So, the Amish must learn to sew their own clothes and this is always done by the women of the house. Some Amish girls also learn the art of Amish quilting. The traditional Amish quilt has a very specific look and style to it that an Amish mother will teach to her Amish daughters. Learning how to design these Amish quilts in the traditional Amish ways is handed down from generation to generation. Amish quilts are known for their geometric designs and eye for detail. The best quilters within the Amish community learn to make stitches that are precisely the same size and spaced the exact same distances from each other consistently throughout the Amish quilt. If young Amish girls become adept at quilting, they may produce Amish quilts as adults that can be sold to tourists and help bring additional money to the family.


Probably the one thing that distinguishes Amish girls from non-Amish girls is the fact that they are all bilingual. All Amish children learn Pennsylvania Dutch, a type of German, in the home as toddlers, but when they go to school they are taught to speak and read English. The traditional language of the Pennsylvania Dutch is mainly used within the Amish community itself, but they also learn English in order to read books, newspapers, and to be able to communicate with the non-Amish community that surrounds them. While many non-Amish girls also speak two languages, it is not as common in the United States as a whole.


In the end, the Amish girl learns the value of hard work, tradition, working together for a greater good, and the meaning of discipline. Many children today are thought to be wild, spoiled, and out of control due to the fact that discipline within the modern home has become more lax and children no longer learn the value of working for what they want. Today, many children expect to be handed everything and really don't even understand where basic things like clothes and food even come from. While it's much easier for young girls to live in the modern, technologically advanced society of today, perhaps some of the old ways that the Amish still embrace should be reintroduced into the non-Amish girl's home and upbringing.

What Amish Girls Learn That Non-Amish Girls Don't (part 1)

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