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Amish Life Versus City Life (part 2)


The thought of working more than an eight hour day is often considered cruel and unusual punishment for most people in the working city world. If more than eight hours is required, overtime pay is always demanded. While some people are certainly workaholics, most people spend more of their time at rest than they do at work. Meals are often eaten outside of the home and clothes are purchased in a store rather than made by hand. Many people in the city do work with their hands, but they usually have the assistance of electricity to move about in cars, power tools, or other necessary equipment. In the city, men and women work side-by-side and stay-at-home moms are now an exception rather than the norm for most working families. City children go to school just like Amish children do, but after their classes they are usually free to play or do something other than work with their time. Evenings are filled with watching television programs, eating out, going to the movies, or a variety of other pleasurable activities that are often done with friends rather than with families.


What about entertainment? The Amish are busy working the fields, selling their wares, and tending to the home most of the time, but they do manage to have some fun in between all the work. The Amish do not use electricity for any reason during their daily lives. Because of this, entertainment for the Amish does not come in the form of television or video games, but in physical activities, board games, reading, and crafts. Amish children enjoy spending time outdoors riding horses, roller skating, ice skating, and playing team sports such as volleyball. The Amish love to play board games as well, such as Scrabble, Parcheesi, and even Monopoly. In the evening, when all the work and chores are done, Amish women spend their time reading or working on their Amish quilts. The Amish men spend their free time reading or making toys out of wood. The family usually spends its leisure time together as a unit, talking about their day or telling stories.


Non-Amish people have a lot of spare time, whether they live in the city or not, and most of their entertainment requires some type of electricity. Without electricity we would be unable to enjoy television, music, computers, movies, video games, or even talk with our friends on the phone. Most of these items have only been around for a few decades, yet it's hard to imagine what life was like without them. While city folks could easily engage in a game of Scrabble or sit down with a good book or even learn how to make an Amish quilt for a few days, it would be difficult to get used to those simpler ways of spending leisure time without being able to check emails or listen to I-Pods.


In the end, life in an Amish community is definitely more difficult than life in the city. While the benefits include fresher food, cleaner air, and a simpler way of life, it can also be a hard, tiresome, monotonous life for those who have not been raised in that way. So, which life is better, the Amish or the city? While this question cannot really be answered it certainly is interesting to consider life on the other side.

Amish Life Versus City Life (part 1)

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