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Which brings us to the question of how Amish quilts are made without the use of electricity. Amish quilts are so admired by the non-Amish world due to the fact that they are one of the few things that can be bought today that are considered truly handmade, however, this is not entirely the case. The Amish purchase factory made fabrics in order to sew their own clothing, bed sheets, linens, and other household items. If they had to spin and loom their own fabrics in addition to the million other things they have to complete throughout the day they wouldn't have much time for anything else. These fabrics are also used in making Amish quilts. Scraps or blocks of different fabrics are cut and stitched together either entirely by hand or through the use of a sewing machine. Now, since most sewing machines of today are electric powered, the Amish instead use either a people-powered or diesel generator powered sewing machine. A sewing machine that uses people-power is one that has a treadle attached to it that is rocked back and forth using the sewer's feet. This causes the sewing machine wheel to spin which causes the needle to move up and down in order to sew the materials together. Generator powered sewing machines are much more powerful and are almost as fast as electric powered sewing machines. No matter what method is used in making the Amish quilts, whether by hand, treadle, or generator, these quilts are still a unique expression of the Amish community as a whole using hand made ingenuity. The entire quilt is then stitched together with the batting and the bottom piece to produce the finished product.


Of course, much of this work is done during the winter months when they can quilt during the day while the sun is still up or under the limited light provided by a kerosene lamp. As you can imagine, this is probably the worst part of having to make an Amish quilt. The lack of light makes the task of sewing tiny stitches into the quilt that much more difficult than it could be. However, it is this kind of determination that makes the Amish quilt such a desired product around the world. The fact that these beautiful expressions of creativity and art are created under such strict conditions makes them even more special and valuable to own.

How Do Amish Make Quilts Without Electricity (part 1)

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